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My Captain

Has anyone seen my Captain?
He sailed far into the west.
He vanished with the sunlight
once settled in my breast.
He took my heart and soul
and never shall I rest.
He took what I loved most
and all that I loved best.

O!   Where are you my Captain?
I have lost you from my sight.
I stand and weep alone
for the sorrow of my plight.
My sweet, beloved Captain,
how can I speak or write
of everything you mean to me
and how I need your light?

My brave and mighty Captain,
my fearless cavalier,
you journey far across the sea.
I wish that you were here.
Home is lonely without you,
and I long to hold you near.
How can I make you notice
the falling of my tear?

My gentle-hearted Captain,
when shall you come ashore?
When will you come to me again,
the way you did before?
The skies are dressed in blue
and weep forevermore;
and I shall weep along with it
until I live no more.

Alas! Alas! My Captain,
the wind is my sad song.
I wail to you upon the breeze
that bears your ship along.
My heart for you is weeping;
and even though it's wrong,
I have no hope without you,
no strength to keep me strong.

Farewell, farewell, my Captain,
as you sail across the sea.
May your sails swiftly turn
to bring you home to me.
Good-bye, good-bye, my Captain.
I shall sorrow on the shore.
My tears will fall into the sea
to hold you evermore.

by Linda Marie Van Tassell

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