My Cardboard 'Box'

Poem By Gee Cii Schnider

My box holds in all my heart, and most my breath.
I hold the only key to the lock on the box,
but cardboard falters easily.
I've spent my days protecting it,
Treasuring it,
And keeping it together,
Though many times i get hurt when I fix it.
My box is flooded with screams,
That are drowned by the tears.
My box is echoing with music,
Though no one can hear.
My box has words, and song,
That you couldn't know.
My box is my everything,
Though it doesn't exist.
In my box there is only enough room for me,
But most times it feels too crowed.
My box is too full,
it's ready to burst.
In my box is the only escape,
Though to it I can't run.
I try to keep my box as invisable as I am,
But occationally a glimpse is caught.
I try to keep it as silent as I am,
But sometimes the sound cracks through.
I try to keep the box dry outside,
But when no one sees, it leaks.
What am I to do with my box.
I can't open it,
But I can't completely seal it.
In my box is the Paradise like Hell.
In my Hell
are the tears you didn't see,
are the words and song you couldn't hear,
are the secrets you will never learn,
are the true guilts you mistake as innocence,
are the emotions you'll never know i knew,
are the truths you can't believe,
are the lies you fell for,
is the life you can't notice,
along with the hurt you don't know.
This is my poor, little cardboard box,
Fixed and broken everyday,
Without much more than a glimpse coming your way.
Until the day it breaks, and I can't fix it.
Then you'll see me...for what you never thought I could be.

11 September 2008

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