My Castle

My castle I built of rough hewn stone
the walls quite solid, inside me alone
I fear no more I can let you in
but your voice does echo, its long punished sin
closed just as tight, that my tears do not seep through
Painted walls inside, of remembered deepest blue
I can not reach you, I dont think I ever could
you never really tried for me, when my heart though you should
so now I seal it tighter, against loss of memories
I bleed and punish myself within its revory
I cannot really say, that I wish from you your dreams
but I have to wall you out, protected with all my means
I could have been a friend, if you had just asked that from the start
but at that time you presented more, and the love I have must now part
My Castle I have built against this type of pain
now I only have memories and my voice inside, insane

by natasha headstrong

Comments (1)

the deepest heart can always go deeper into pain until all the walls so prefectly built crumble into tears so soft and so warm hope, hope hovering in the sky bright blue a fine poem