A Moonlit Night

Too early for some, too late for others
Even the many stars were dulled
With the lake below, a sullen thing
But then the moon arose
Full faced and very bright
Closer to the Earth now
Than on any other night
Just then a stray night cloud
Drifted across it's face
Becoming as white as the snow
That was on the mountains below
The invisible moonbeams, could now be seen
Stabbing down with great intensity
And now any tree, bush or shadow
Became as black as ebony
All the while, a softer glow on the opposite shore
Showed up the sparkling snow covered path
That led down to the lake
And all the while, the ice in the snow
On the now brilliant mountains below
Glittered like a thousand diamonds
Too bright by far to be called stars
Then the moons' light became so bright
That there appeared a lustrous white road
Across the sapphire waters of the lake

by Marilyn Shepperson

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