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My Cat
GS (19/1/90 / birmingham (England))

My Cat

Of late evening once,
I clambered down my winding stairs
And thus here was confronted.
My cat, beaming with ill lit glee did sit, purring,
And in his mouth a mouse, caught twitching feebly.
Then my cat put the mouse upon the floor, as though a gift for me,
Yet the mouse reared up gofer like, and contorted with pain, or fear, and no dignity.
Thus further paced I,
Past said mouse and cat to find, my kitchen.
Upon return from venture forth, I came with sandwich in one hand,
And kindness in t’other.
But since my ventures, said mouse lay quivering under said cat’s paw,
Then with bite of snack and blow with hammer,
Crushed I the life from mouse with little in the way of malice.
Who said I wasn’t prone to random acts of kindness?

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Of all your poems to date - this is my favourite. A contradiction of kind.