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My Cat

Written for a friend who has a cat called Midnight Ninja

My cat jumped out of a window
Three storey building tall, out of curiosity
If he had spoken to me about the city
I would have taken him there by car
Don't know how my cat survived
Guess that is why he had nine lives

My cat is dark black and slim
Midnight Ninja I call him
We work together well as a team
I have taught him a few tricks
Sometimes he does not know
Which of the tricks to pick

He can stand on two legs
And he knows how to beg
For food when I am in a good mood

But he never knows when to stop
Tries to drink out of my tea cups
And whenever I get cross
And meow to him that I am boss
He just jumps up, right to the very top

I took my cat to a pretty vet
Whom we had just met
And all he did was get wet
Around her legs and hands
I had to pay her to understand

Sometimes he marks his territory with shit
I think he does that when on the heat
Or maybe because he eats and eats

Every morning
He waits silently on the floor
Waiting for me to open my door
Same old trick, he can be such a bore
I always give him a morning pat
Even though he is lazy and fat
Yes Midnight Ninja is my cat
Without the rat and the mat

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi

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