My Caution

I can feel something coming,
good or bad im not sure.
im not one for running,
but i must seek the cure.

I can feel it around every turn,
so i circle the block.
my pain has made me learn,
that my back is my most valueable stock.

i wont let you inside,
even through a womans lust.
my time i shall bide,
before you earn my trust.

my trust is given to few,
its something that must be earned.
and if its earned by you,
for you i will be more concerned.

ill watch you even more,
knowing you can hurt me.
ill watch more than before,
to see what i already see.

some just cant understand,
they see me as paranoid.
caution doesnt make my life bland,
it ensures there is no void.

its not that i cant handle pain,
its just from mine i have learned.
you may think you are more sain,
but its you not me who will be burned.

you will feel completely betrayed,
and my poem will cross your mind.
if you wouldn't have stayed,
your heart wouldn't be in this bind.

every great thing,
has a bad side.
unbearable is the sting,
that made your feelings colide.

by Eric Karns

Comments (2)

Keep watch on your enemies closely and your friends forensically... sage suggestion Eric.
Excellently written.