My Chamber Of Thoughts

Concealed by a shadow in the windowsill
Overlooking the gateway of no return,
The neighborhood is suspicious
Of the elfish silhouette against the glass
Of an unlit room...

My mind has no cause for concern
Because if I had to, I would explain
That I would here, indefinitely, remain,
Locked in my Chamber of Thoughts...

Sighted, obviously reported-a threat!
I retreat and go back to my desk
Or move deeper into open space
Where I listen attentively, motionless,
Waiting one day for the door to rip...

Open hinges with familiar complaints,
Bracing me for opposition
But I remain lacked still
Within my Chamber of Thoughts...

With no choice but to ignore them all,
I patiently continue with my creative works...

©All Rights Reserved-2011

by Romeo Della Valle

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