My Chat And Subsequent Correspondence With Jesus (An Unfinished Article)

Mate, I think about your dad a lot!
Is he real or is he not?
Are you the son that man begot?
Or is it me?

Is it bullshit?
I don't know?
Do we people please?
Or is scripture right?

Does Gods house have many rooms?
If it does why do we kill and hurt each other?
If we have free will, we are inherently stupid in its application?

Some say to me 'Life's shit then you die'
I don't agree. It's not that simple!
Some say being good is enough.
It isn't. That is too simple?

Why are some born paupers and some kings?
Will the rule makers obtain their reckoning?
Who gave the mighty right over the poor?
They take drugs too. It's just acceptable?

Do the abused become the abusers?
Or do they just become tired?
Do the loveless become the loved?
Do the friendless become the friend?

Do the fit become the healthy?
Do good people overcome the bad?
Why is one song good to some and crap to others?
Do the moralistic really overcome the immoral?

How do we prove ourselves?
How do we gain acceptance? Or do we really want it?
Does God throw crap in your path just to piss you off?
Or is God testing you?

A true friend is a rare gift?
I love the few I have and they love me so that's cool.
Should we apologise for who we are, or how we live our lives?
Or should we make excuses just to fit in?

Why do some of us have to fight for a lifetime?
Is it because we like it or are we angry or is it just our lot?
Do we fight because we hurt?
Or do we fight to tire ourselves out so we can have our peace for a little while?

What about love? God says we have to love one another!
I'm cool with that. Until I meet someone who is a bit of a tosser;
Then I struggle! I suppose we all do but I still struggle!
Where is the love in that? Have I failed?

Why do the people we care about have to get ill and die?
Why does the abuser have the upper hand? And how do we break that?
Why do people who haven't been beaten, punched or kicked for a lifetime think they can tell those of us who have we must 'draw a line under it'.
If God is at the centre of it all, it doesn't feel like it most of the time?

Mick Jagger tells us 'You can't always get what you want? '
He has clearly got the perfect relationship with God?
Oh and the means to pay for a divorce!
I haven't! So go away and leave me alone!

Relationships - don't ask me! I'm rubbish at those.
But then so are loads of other people so that's ok?
If you find a good one - keep it. It is precious.
If you don't - never give up. Be who you are and be cool with that too.

Don't accept 'It's their loss'. It won't feel like it at the time.
It will be ok though so don't worry.
Just keep doing your thing and let the world do its best.
Apparently God is in the mix?

Dear God. I'm supposed to talk to you in my prayers?
Frankly I'm a bit fed up at the moment!
So if you really do know my heart
Could you hurry up and throw a few answers my way?

Anyway Jesus. Thanks for the chat and for making me feel better. As ever and in anticipation of some really top drawer solutions. RB.

P.S. Could you also give some genius down here the cure for cancer? I lost one of my friends this week and she was lovely. Look after her in the meantime. Cheers!

by Richard Burgess

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