My Child

A bright light in a cold room
A cry so beautiful, the first gentle touch
Tiny hand wrapped around my finger
Eyes so innocent, a face so pure

Crayon drawings hung on the refrigerator
Songs and stories, make believe and pretend
Smiles and giggles, tears and laughter
Hugs and kisses every night

Imagination so fantastic
Endless curiosity, wonder, and amazement
A lust for knowledge, a need for answers
A mind so open, no prejudice or pride

At first so timid, but soon assertive
Independent, strong, and willful
Testing every boundary with abandon
Gaining momentum with every change

Smarter and more insightful than I ever was
Pulling slowly away, uninhibited and unafraid
Seeking destiny, as I knew you would
Reluctantly, I let go

And so it is your turn, my child
Cherish every moment, savor every memory
What often seems a life time
Is merely a blink

copyright 2007 Cheryl A. Caron

by Cheryl A. Caron

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Thank you Cherly you described being a parent so beautifully. It's funny there's a part of us that never lets go of our childen when they were children.