My Child

There are so many things I want to do
But my life is on hold now
There are so many places I want to go
But my life is on hold now
There are so many goals I would like to achieve
But my life is on hold now
For I have a child, and that child comes first
When you have a child
Your needs and wants are put on hold
For that's what parenthood is all about
Patience to smile when I could cry
Acceptance of you with all my heart and soul
Tolerance when at times you feel what's the point
Indebted to you for life
Encouraging you to always keep the faith
Now and then I wonder will you love your child
As much as I love you
Comforting to know a child's love accepts you unconditionally
Especially when without you my life would be unfulfilled

by Debra Ann Northern

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