My Child

There sit my sweet child as
he was born yesterday.
The bonding between a mother
and her child
through 9 months
inside of a mother's womb
was an incredible and
precious feeling

I remember the first day he
came into this world with many
emotional joy and tears as I
held him in my arms
I said to myself this is such a
miracle and blessing
To have a little angel
Oh, he was the tiny and cute little
bundle as I rock him to sleep every night

There sit my child he was
young and innocent
display with his teddy bear toy
As I looked across from the room
from the distance watching
him learn how to crawl
and walk he was so sweet
and adorable
His rosy cheeks,
chubby face, blonde hair
and blue-eyed
his eyes lightened up with joy
and ecstatic as he
called me mama
to be cuddled
in my arms
Oh, he was such a mama's joy
and pride I would not trade him
for anything in the whole wide world

Now my little precious child
has grown up to be
a fine, handsome young
man that made his
mama proud to call him her son
He often tells me that
I am the best mother that he could
ever ask for the love and care that
I instilled in him to be the amiable
person that he is today

by Hanh Chau

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Well composed- I wrote which I expressed ' Earth and heaven infuses in thee 9 month period, very lovely write thank you
love and care of a mother, I love it, thanks.