My Child

Days, weeks, and months passes by slowly
When you came into the world of man ever so gently
Traveling from an infant, a toddler to a child
So weak that I thought you would die

Faint, weak, and feeble you lay in my arm
Breathing so shallow even without harm
And I thought all I could hear is from the shadow
Debilited in the eyes of the world you wallow

Lost of vigor as a whole, my lad
But I knew your smile was strong even when you cried
Moon and stars erupt a giggle
As you try to play so frail in your cradle

Infirm in my arm you lay
Until your breath fades away
Lost in my thoughts in pain
Hoping to see my child again.

by Hajaarh Muhammad Bashar

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A nice poetic imagination, Hajaarh. God bless you. Thank you very much,