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My Child In A Dream

Lives in a dream
Faded, seen as a blur
My vision of her
Existing only in a dream
I wasn't faded by my mother's scream
I tried to hold her
She's left standing on a step
Without her I cannot accept
Barely walking
I was scared
Something we both shared
So beautiful she was
She was scared
Of something coming
She stood there in her pink baby grow
But my actions were slow
Arms yearning for my embrace
The fear she had upon her face
I miss her, I tried to hold her
Three steps away
In my mind it will always stay
I think of her still
But it's just a dream
I held her father's hand before the stairs and the scream
Along the corridors
We went through the wooden, glassed door
Our baby left on the step on the cold stoned floor.

by Rachel Aurelien

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