My Child Of Life

In the tragic moments of my hurt, I chose to dwell
within the fantasy of my enchanted world, and as I walked
within the enchantment of time, I could see the softness
of marshmallow clouds, I spoke to the enormous shadow
of an eagle that seemed to hover over my very being,
and I ask why I cannot have one moment of time
with my child of life, whose life presence is now forever gone.
As shocking as it seems to me, I must return to the world
of reality, for I must fill the vulgarness snake-pit
that I have dug, but only with my hopes and dreams,
and starve away my self-pity, my bread of life,
but feast up on the beautiful lull of the birds,
and to drench my self-pity in the sweet fragrance of nature.
And in time the lake that I froze over my heart will thaw
and flow, with the sweet taste of nectar and wine, for I now know
that Jerry and I are inalienable, and he forever will live
within my heart, for he is my son, and my child of life.

by Ardella Rae Campbell

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