RW (5/4/1973 / LONDON)

My Child Our Prayer's Are Answered

Sweet little girl, don't you cry,
we will be free as soon as he dies.
Many years of pain at the hands of this man,
his time has come now, freedom is at hand.

No more fearful nights, we will have to endure,
trust me baby, this time, Mommy is sure.
They gave us the news just yeaterday,
he doesn't have long to live, freedom's on it's way.

I know you have heard far more than a little girl should,
but it's just about over, and life will be good.
No more beatings, no calling me out of name,
a beautiful world we will live in, without any pain.

I prayed for this day, that he would be taken away,
now the time has come, he finally gets his pay.
The day has come for us to celebrate,
our life of love, with no more hate.

Never again will you hear Mommy cry,
never again, will Mommy want to die.
He's out of our life and this is for good,
I prayed for this baby, and God understood.

No more fear, pain, or hiding these tears,
I promise you beauty for the rest of your years.
Rest your head here on Mommy's heart,
hear the beating of our life's new start.

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well writen, It`s nice to have God on your side when you need him.I`m happy you 2 are finely free of him.