My Childhood

When I peep into my past
I remember my childhood
The carefree, wonderful world of my life
Nothing to bother, nothing to think
Lot of fun, lot of play
When wrong I did, said sorry to mamma
Don’t do it again was mamma’s answer
My legs ached after lot of play
Mamma would massage them at the end of the day
Who washed my clothes?
What to wear I never thought
Lot of friends
Hindu or Muslim was never the question
Climbing on the trees
Catching butterflies was the favourite pastime
Wanted everyday to be a Sunday
Getting up early I never liked
Sleeping late in the morning was my desire
How papa earns was never my concern
Brothers and sisters all loved me
I was the youngest in the family
I pray to god take the money and all the worries
And give me back my child hood

by Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar

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