Jesus The Rock

Build your house upon the Rock
And it won't move or slide...
A foundation built on sand alone
Will shift from side to side.

The storms of life will come,
This we know for sure,
When they do, they won't shake you
From the Rock that is secure.

When fear comes knocking at your door
And you start to lose your grip,
Stand upon the solid Rock
And you will never slip!

The Rock of our salvation
Will forever live and reign,
As King of Kings and Lord of Lords
In Heaven's vast domain!

by Tafadzwa Mhondiwa Mugari

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The of the lincon
I didn't actually realize he was a literary genius as well as a skilled politician. This man really had a way with words and a deeper understanding of ART.
the 1st part is also in the previous page.. with a different title..
To think his life was snuffed out by one whom'd act each day about one turn upon each day and night would come again to one so vile.. iip
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