RS (29/07/1970 / Sheffield)

My Children

Bright as a button with a razor sharp mind
Engrossed in nature, he is sensitive and kind
Noble and faithful, what a smashing lad

Jovial, mischievous and naughty is what makes this boy glad
Outbursts of frustration calmed with soothing words and a gentle hug
Socialising is a problem, some just see him as a mindless thug
Excellent behaviour can be had when given full attention
Please and thankyou one minute, the next swear words too disgusting to mention
Hard to handle though he is, we wouldn't be without him

Joyful, bubbly and blonde, her cup of happiness filled to the brim
Angelic singing voices heard in the choir she was in
Such beauty with her golden hair, me thinks Miss World she could win
Many friends to play with, always out and about
Imagination flows from her, a joy to be with there is no doubt
Never looking back my girl lives life to the full
Energetic, fun loving and bouncy, time with her is never dull

Trials and tribulations my boy battles them head long
Out the other side he comes smiling, he can do no wrong
Brilliant to be with but just like Joe a struggle
Your heart just melts when he comes for a snuggle

Eyes sparkling like the sun, my little one is just so cute
Multi talented and cheerful, maybe one day she will play the flute
Moving forward, never stopping just like an express train
Adorable, funny and clever, she has everything to gain

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