End Of Fear

Strangely feeling the total emptiness of life, seeing it's
reality envelope the earth, fear sidles it's way in.

Fear of hopelessness, fearing a loss of faith, sensing fear
from each direction.

Walking slowly, seeing colors of flowers growing carefully
in selected spots, unopened.

Looking up into the swaying delicate branches of a willow
tree, seeing those beauties of God's nature so intensely,
that their colors can be felt inside.

A color, blue, feels warm, good, against my soul, purple can
be felt like a drink when it is swallowed, white is fuzzy,
yellow, soft.

Reaching out to touch the sources of color to see if they
feel the same when I touch them with my hands as when they
brush against my soul.

In doing so, the feelings meet, bringing peace - a quietness
to my whole entire being and an end to fear.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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great poem Maxine, so true and im cherishing every moment of it. jo