My Choice

Today I thought I really must
Sit down and write a poem,
I had no topic in my mind
Just lounging here at home,
And then I thought about my life,
How fortunate am I
To bask in comfort, warm and safe -
My nest is soft and dry;
I have no need to venture out
Unless I make that choice,
It's peaceful here and quiet
I don't need to raise my voice
Unless I care to make some noise,
To let myself be heard,
But even then it's up to me
To speak or write the words;
How fortunate to have the choice
To dictate how I live,
I may choose to hoard my wealth
Or I may choose to give;
There are those who have no say
In what each day will bring,
Someone else controls their lives,
Dictates the songs they sing -
They have no rights, they feel no love,
Their lives are cold and dead,
And all the dreams they long to dream
Lie dormant in their heads;
I guess sometimes I take for granted
All the gifts I own,
Maybe today I'll share a few
With someone who's alone
Because I know it means much more
To give than to receive,
It's time to venture out, I think.............
To live what I believe.

by Linda Ori

Comments (7)

Linda... this is wonderfully comforting, thoughtful, and kind. The inspiration that comes of no inspiration, huh? That last line is a memorable corker. Lovely, flowing piece that reflects a heart of gold. t x
This reflective piece is a beautiful affirmation of how lucky we all are to live where we live to love whom we love and make the choices we do, good and bad. I applaud your words, Linda and your commitment to 'live what you believe'. You have inspired me today - and many others too, I am sure. As usual, your words are prettily penned and wise. love, Allie xxxx
a classy message wrapped with a rhyming ribbon. -chuck
Linda, That was very beautiful ... but, did you? B.V.A.
Linda, wise words and so beautifully written. I agree with Jim about the flow being smooth and the rhythmic flow. It had that lovely compelling attitude to it that just dragged you along to read it until the end. Top Marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David
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