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My Christian Faith

Christian Faith is like walking on water.
It is impossible to do without a hand in Christ's

I wandered corridors of Time and Space
Searching for God
I peered through the veil of Death beyond life.
And caught a glimpse of the
Great Unknown
I saw the vastness of Creation
And knew it Author
To be Divine.
It was the beginning of Faith
Noy yet refined.
I cultivated it in adversity,
Nurtured it in Hope,
Watered it with Love,
Fed it on Time
I walked down the Valley of Death
Without fear returned unharmed.
I was seared by the fires of Hell
Brought forth unscathed
Dross burned away,
Now down corridors of Time and Space
I go with hand in Faith
In certainty and Purpose,
Toward the great Unknown
and God.

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