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My Christmas Story
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

My Christmas Story

I have loved Christmas since I was very young.
Like most children do the presents get us all undone.
Yet even as years went by the love of the holiday kept my heart alive.

I have had many bad times many years gone by.
With no presents under the tree no good times on my side.

But my christmas story is my tree each year, the lights all about the good things I feel.

That has been my present for many years now.
My life was not perfect but I made it through somehow.

And each year I made sure I had that tree for me to let me know, sometimes life can just be.

That moment when your lost in the lights as they blink,
Or in the hope in your heart that the coming year will bring many good things.

There are lots who have less then me and many who have more.

There are those who have been cruel to me and left me with nothing to look towards.

Yet here I am a young women today with a house of my own and many blessings I am grateful for.

My Christmas Story has always been the love of christmas and the feelings it gives.

The presents mean little when it all is said and done.
They don't give hope or let you know your loved by someone.

It's the hard times in between when you need something to.
Just a hug in that moment,
Or even a Thank You.

My reason for my story is to help all understand.

Alittle girls love of a tree where it stands.

It's beauty and wonder so simple and true.

Made my life better without even trying to.

Because with the simple meaning of peace and trust I found hope to keep going even when life was tuff.

My Christmas Story & My Christmas Tree have shaped my life and made me, me.

Keep that spirit of Christmas locked in your heart, even if Santa isn't 'real' he sure means allot.

To all those little one's who sit on his knee.

The fact that they believe is all the proof you need.

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