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My City

My city

I cry
-for city to which I
-did, still,
-may belong.

I cry
-for where was called:
-but the "P"-less Arabas renamed as:

I cry
-for the facts and fictions,
-lies, truths and wisdom.

Cry why
Cry how
Cry who

-the changes

We who have an ancient history
-carved, chiselled and painted
-our hearts on rocks, clays
-as well as written books;
-kept alive to reveal
-but many turned to myths.

Book of shahs
-has been, is
-a reference.

In times I
-worked on it
-and researched
-to find it
-too real, accurate,
-to meter and minute.

Chose the life of Forood
-as one of examples
-and in times
-shame in veins, felt shiver!

He was shah's brother
-from same father and
-mother was different
-lived free in Kalat
- (That later became base
-for Nader; Afshar, Shah.)

"Save him and respect him…"
-ordered shah of the time
-but was killed by army!

Can say I
Hate warlords
Hate warlords
Hate warlords

All they know are their tools
- (like today's Specialists! ! !)
-as guns, bombs and the swords!

Commander of the team
-was named: "Give"
-Goodarz's son and from Sepahan.

In those days
-Iran had two bases
-to gather the fighters
-Lashgargah, Sepahan
- (Both meaning: "station"
-for fighters and the armies.)

This city, my city, later changed
-into the birthplace of power
-for Shiites
-both by lies and wisdom
-for that sake was looted; brutal
-and rebuilt to live on…

by Nassy Fesharaki

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