PW (27/04/1990 / Birmingham)

My Clean Guilty Conscience

tender feet do follow the path,
of decisions choice and the aftermath,
we stumble through life, on collision course,
following the river, right from source,
the obstacle next, we have to leap,
using knowledge learnt, and friendships keep,
sometimes we draw short and fall,
but we get back and climb that wall,
in life you must stand on your own two feet,
tall and proud no matter the heat,
follow life to the best you can,
these are the last words of a dying man,
keep strong the faith within one's heart,
make the best of life and love before you depart,
and then sleep forever more in the thought,
you did the best and more than you ought,
because could your conscience be at rest,
if your final thoughts are: did i do my best?

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Comments (2)

nice poem describin' the ups n downs of life. like it a lot. lalalalalovely. \\keep it real// Gabriella
it has a nice rhyme shceme. kinda like 'knick-knak, paddy-whack' it also carries a good message of persistance