BIM (5-30-76 / Tennessee)

My Cloud

My garden is full of memories that I allow to serve me well.
When I am on my cloud I am able to envision them all.
Swirling happily in a mist of brilliant colors that will devour me if I fall.
The feeling of tingles they mingle and wind all tied up in a frenzy inside of my mind.
My journey is sweet I can go wherever I want,
In a river then a sea,
I can fly like a hawk.
Motions and sweet notions take over my mind
I steadily watch the time as it winds....
I am not in the right place and someone else has my face,
I am full of love and so much joy walking around like a giant toy.
My cloud it takes me where I want to go,
Everyone should have one, they are easy to grow.
Easy to get away if you do not nurture them every single day.
Take a moment and try for yourself....
FInd your cloud and you have found wealth.

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Comments (1)

This is a wonderfully expressive poem, BIMBF, one that is quite well phrased and evokes superb imagery in nearly every line. It tells a charming story of a special place that you have, and that many of us have though we may call it by another name, that allows of the sanctuary of our memories to be rekindled almost before our eyes. I think your two final lines in this beautiful poem were quite outstanding. Carl.