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Golden Years -What A Laugh
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Golden Years -What A Laugh

The golden years have come at last, my youthful
Life is in the past.
In the golden years of fifty plus
You must put your health in the doctors trust
Weight gain, blood pressure and loss of sight
Makes it so hard to sleep at night.
Now you worry if someone younger will pick up your beat
And you'll find yourself in the street.
The people that you see have all been done wrong
Cause that unemployment line is very long
Companies feel that you're too highly paid
And they can get two for just the same.
When it becomes two for the price of one
Then you know that you are done.
Retirement and health benefits go out the door
Cause they don't want you any more
They now keep people working under the full time hours
So they don't have to pay any benefits to you
And you can't live on that unemployment, so what are you to do.
If you are not married and don't have two incomes coming in
Then your choices are mighty slim.
Find room mates or move back in with your parents just to survive
And you know it's a downright crime.
The elderly could buy food or their medications, but could
Not afford to get both until you moved in to help pick up the slack
And for you and your family there will be no turning back'
Welcome to the golden years!
© L. RAMS 073016

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