My Comments, When I Read An Excellent Poem.

Verily a poem of this artly expressed talent
did knock me over...
I originally hail from Chicago, not Dover.
I know of art in it's raw, rarest form...
This written piece, rates of very high marks
well above the averaged norm.
I enjoy being of a high intellegenced quota...
Of all i have written or thoughtly-wrot'a.
My head may explode from routinely
patting myself onto my back...
Some would say i'm full'a myself,
I don't care-Poetry's my talented knack.

by Michael Gale

Comments (2)

Brilliant Michael, you have done yourself proud.I wonder if it's possible to give yourself a metaphorical pat on the back until you recieve an invisable hunch.Great fun.Love Duncan
And anyone who has read your work, must agree. Patricia