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My Computer Is
CDM ( / Artesia, New Mexico)

My Computer Is

A friend, a challenge, a tool
a high speed electronic
machine-performs logical
calculations, processes,
stores, and retrieves
programmed information
fabulous vehicle for learning
at home and at school
when works is sooooooo cool.

A miracle to me
so much data and facts to see
deletes, if I'm not careful
and have my mind elsewhere.
(criticized by those who won't learn
and say they don't care)

Keeps me in touch with my kin
can send messages again and again.

But, my computer is:

a health hazard
replaces exercise, which I don't like
keeps me off my bike
and going on a much needed hike.

A pain when it won't work
can't have too much success
have to treat it kindly
for my computer has PMS.

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