My Contrymen

I think of my contry in red
sadness mingle with rage
frustration tangle with agony
when seen the damages caused

who are they?
they are those who
batter our feet to get our sandals
they are those who stive us naked
in other to make our laughter
they are those who remove our roof
so as to combat our lives and soul
they are the cows of bashan

Green white Green
how i wish you listen
to the cry and the pain
of those who scorn under the powerful
nakedness of the sun
and how your children wallow
in crample infected roach shacks
and how abject poverty
as make them a working corpse

but remember, they are the mases
who are given party card but never the support
begging their soul for their votes
but never on the banquet night

nevertheless, the word 'democracy'
still sound in our heart
which shows that truly
we are still cracy.

by Mimiko moruf oluwakayode

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