AA (26th March,1992 / Rairangpur)

My Conversation With My Father

Passing down my memory lane
I remember the days of Your Fame.
The days You were a Hero in my eyes,
Who could listen, even from a distance, my cries.

Besides fulfilling my materialistic needs
You taught me what intense love is.
You provided me Your finger to teach me to walk
You taught me how to have the honeyed talk.

But today You've fallen in love with Death,
Ignoring Your dear ones on Earth.
Leaving Your family in deep sorrow,
Just a hope for a bright Tomorrow.

I feel lonely in this great wide world
But I've to go a long way to prove my worth.
There's only one satisfaction to my heart
That happiness and sorrow are part of Life's art.

This is the dusk of my Life
But still I'll enjoy it with great delight.
I've to face the whole darkness
But I am sure once there will be the dawn of my happiness.

Hey You! Yes You! Sitting next to my Father,
My Birth Giver,
Your Challenge is accepted
And I promise I'll get it soon succeeded.

I beseech You, my dear,
Please take care of my Mother.
If Your blessings are bestowed upon us,
We can surely come through all the hurdles.

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awesome............... very well rhymed & shows ur confidence towards life......... best of luck....
There may be a bend in the road of ur life, but dont get that as ur end.. if not today, God has got something more better for ur tomorrow... With prayers and wishes.