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My Country
(04 Jan 1957 / Lalgola, Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.)

My Country

Poem By Asit Kumar Sanyal

I live in such a country
Where power is enjoyed by
Rapist, Smuggler, Evil, Devil
Politician and Murderer,
Cows are highly respected
And girl child is thrown into gutter.

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Comments (2)

That is so sad. But unfortunately most countries are in the hands of evil and men with no conscious. You are brave to condemn this and say the truth. We appreciate. Well written and said!
This is an acerbic but a realistic commentary on the land of our forefathers and the state to which it has descended. The evil doers are calling the shots. This is all very shameful indeed. I thank you for being so forthright and assertive, Asit.