My Country And Nature

There are a long time,
I should not keep my foot on green grace,
It is a long time
I should not see the spring,
Tall spices of grace,
a sailed boat.
It is a long time-
I have forgotten about-
Swallow, Chorui, Tailor bird's
Chirping sound.
Heron don't stand now
on the marshy land water.
Twinkle birds don't make nest,
On the top of plum tree.
All fire-fly have lost,
in the color of thousand light.
All are forget to see the moon-
for street light.
Jasmine and China rose we can't see now,
all cake and milk with sugar
we have lost many years ago
for the snow white plate.
Where are that marble player?
Where are that raise course field?
Where are that village fair?
There are along time-
I should not play flute,
I can't listen minstrel songs.
A long time don't see a sweet face,
My mother's smile...........

by Shahin Mallik

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