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My Crush
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My Crush

My life is a mess,
My crush thinks I'm wierd.
I've been cut off from the world,
to drown in my fears.

You don't like me, never have, never will.
I can stare but never be fulfilled.
How hard is it to smile back at me?
I won't sting, I'm not like a bee.

Is it because your popular, and maybe I'm not?
I want to know what it is, coz I think your hot.
I may not be allowed to go, to do.
But i can change, if it means i get you.

My hopes and my dreams have fallen beside me.
I have to be who they want me to be.
Moulded and shaped, so I will please.
Doing what they want, before I collapse into tears.

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cool...you are the underdog and im rooting for you =]