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My Crying Soul

I woke up…
You have gone
Leaving my heart with thorns
Tearing my soul, I mourn.

My heart bleeds and pleads:
“Oh, Mighty God,
please do not make me deaf
before I could answer your voices;
Please do not make me dumb
before I could say, ‘yes, I do love you’;
Please do not make me lame
before I could run into your arms;
Please do not make me blind
bBefore I could see into your eyes.”

You have gone
You have passed on
But your love stays on
Day by day
Deeper and deeper
I miss you more than ever.

In my crying soul
You live forever...

London,6 January 2006
(Specially dedicated to my beloved parents and godparents…)

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Comments (5)

Love, doesn't matter which kind always saddens the soul when it is gone
Well-executed and poignantly portrayed image of this dream, the sadness is so clear, the pain is vividly present. Excellent write, L&T
I'm sorry to hear that. T_T I'm crying... When I'm reading it... God bless you
Bless you! From what I've been told, you can still write to your mother, and speak to her in your heart, and she will hear. And God willing, you will feel/KNOW that she hears. I wish you inner strength, and every consolation.
Also sorry to hear this, ..chin up...Love from dave xxx