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My Cup Of Yuan Yang (Coffee + Tea And Milk) .

My cup of Yuan Yang (coffee + tea and milk) .
by sfiawong on May 29th,2010,7: 44 am

Oh, why I like a cup of Yuan Yang since my age of 15?
It gives me satisfaction of taste a new drinking art for 60 years.
I think the Western people do not find and like this art of drinking,
because they do not have to risk for a new mixed drinking as mine.

This kind of drinking art is my own creation, when you visit
Hong Kong, where you will find it is so common to every body.
You may find so many people in Hong Kong drink like me,
to enjoy such as a good delicious taste of drinking.

When you walk into a common restaurant, you will see so many
fans like me to drink such a cup of Yuan Yang and eat a piece of cake.
This is an enjoyable breakfast for most of the Hong Kong citizen,
who takes in every morning before his straggling hard day.

Why couldn't I enjoy my cup of Yuan Yang every day?
A simple enjoy is so important besides a hard day's start.

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