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My Curriculum Vitae
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My Curriculum Vitae

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

My Curriculum Vitae
Its three pages long
Words are laid out like a song
Your organisation is where I should belong

I know my contact address
Does not make sense
This is only because I am homeless
That’s why my hair is always a mess
I may look like a thug
But I’m totally harmless

Do not despair
I can co-ordinate
Articulate, emancipate, and participate
Forgive me but I have to state
I have learnt all the sixty nine
positions on how to mate

I am totally confident
Straight and not bent
I am god’s gift
To everyone
When your staff see me in the lift
They will say I am god sent
With me you are always assured of fun

My Curriculum Vitae
is one I rewrote in May
I just had to reemphasis my skills
After so many rejections
I suddenly realised I forgot to mention
My personal education and qualification
Hence I am in a jobless situation

So let me tell you about my
Knowledge and experience
I know my latest music
I also know the strategy of
taking days off sick
I can drink loads of any kind of beer
And keep up with the latest fashion and underwear
My best friends will give you my reference
And tell you about my sexual preference

I am also flexible
You can ring me any time out of the blue
That’s nothing new
Hopefully my Curriculum Vitae
should now secure me an interview

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi

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Hi there, I've read a few of your pieces and I enjoyed most of them. Although I confess I couldn't say why at the moment. I hope to read more of you in the near future. Amicalement votre, R.
Very good. Well written and witty!