My Curse

Poem By Chris Martens

Right now I'm troubled
it seems nothing gets done right
then we push it all out of sight
we don't want people to hurt
but sometimes we don't know what to do
everyone is mad, upset, or in a bad mood
it's terrible to hear people fight
especially when you don't know who is right
because it's done by people you know quite tight
constant fighting, about respect and power
somtimes I feel I'm to blame
because it's about me, isn't it lame?
I know a way for the bickering to end
but it may be heartbreak, or I may lose a friend
maybe I should just leave
tell no one, go on my own
be all alone
would that not solve problems?
no one would fight about me
no one would be on their knees
hopefully it doesn't come to that
I'd have to hit myself with a bat
get scratched to hell by a cat
and make sure thats the only resort
If I could, I'd make everyone happy
maybe no one wants to be happy
they want to fight
only they can be right
soon we'll drive eveyone mad
and we'll still all be sad
I can't be everyone's dad
they have to solve problems on their own too
but i can try to help with all i can do
sometimes it feels its gotten worse
feels like I've got a curse
bad luck happens to everyone, i know
maybe I should go
avoid all as I travell
hopeing everyone is well
but still, people might change
theres no difference no matter what the range
maybe they'll be different tommorow
as long as no one shoots an arrow
but as I lay my head to sleep
I hear sounds like a horn beep
try once again and all seems well
I'll find out in the morining I guess
go through some more of lifes tests
bound to fail, gotta grab the rail
to stand tall, do not fall, be real, all in all
stand up for what I belive in
help others through thick and thin
and likely be cursed again...

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