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My Curse... Your Curse...

As life goes on I can do nothing but shout,

from the pain and the torture, my anguish rings out,

If you'd stop and listen, it would cease to haunt me,

But all I sense in your presence is how you despise and taunt me,

Relentlessly demolishing all that I cherish,

Your disgusted at the sight of me, you want me to perish,

I can't disagree with you, for I feel the same way,

If I possessed that malicious intent, I'd end my life today,

But the monster inside me refuses to cease to exist,

Its blind intent to survive is what pushes my fist,

I utilize its abilities to sustain my own life,

Thus, a perfect balance is established, but with it, new strife,

Seemingly endless battles are thrown in succession,

And even though I am victorious, I am deep in depression,

This state of life I possess, has no happy ending,

The sheer force of my will is breaking and bending,

Soon enough it will shatter and I'll lose all control,

I look upon that day in sadness, but I find it quite droll,

How ironic it will be, when that day arrives,

To be killed by the one thing that strengthens all lives,

I'll laugh externally when it happens, but internally I'll weep,

For the wound life has inflicted on me, is excruciatingly deep,

And no false smile would ever hide the pain that I feel,

When your drenched in my blood you'll see that it's real,

And when I do meet my casket, I hope for the best,

I pray that the monster inside me is willing to rest,

But if on that fatefull day its thirst to live is strong,

It would eradicate the poison inside me, and force me to move along,

This lonely path of life, that I tread upon alone,

As is my punishment, for failing to condone,

They say a late apology, beats no apology at all,

But I will not apologize, I want you to fall,

I want you to experience the pain that I felt,

So I'll pass on to you my monster, I'll give you his pelt,

And oh yes, wear it proudly, or be promply destroyed,

For the will of the monster, is nothing with which to be toyed...

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I wonder what you were going through when you wrote this poem. This is an excellent write. Thank God for your talent. Thanks for sharing.
wow. i could feel your emotions when i read this.