My Cute Teacher

A cute teacher comes daily to teach us,
however she doesn't have enough for us,
since she has the confidence,
she gets his voice upto the fence,
dats how she teach us,
when students ask her the questions,
she find herself in the vast situation,
but she gives the answers,
due to her level of confidence,
which is upto the fence,
but doesn't have any logical sense,
i attends almost...ooppss sorry..all the classes
of her,
to see how god can make any lady so beautyful,
i can do any no. of assignment to get a single
glimse of smile of her,
but it comes so rarely..
but it does encourage me to do something...dat will
get his face filled with smiles..
dats how what our teacher..oops cute
teacher is...

by aarush khandelwal

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I think we all had one of those