Unexplainable Love

She’s a breath of fresh air
Her beauty is a fact
She's the one that I love
Oh that beautiful Smile she wears

Her sweet smelling scent
And the voice she speaks with
Every word is a song
And every song I love to hear

Every night I see her
Her beautiful face
And we are close together
As long as i'm not awake

Cause in reality
We are so far apart
I'm crying for you
But you have another man’s heart

See i'm lost in this world
And your my guiding angel
Your caring heart
Is what keeps my emotions stable

You kept me together
When times got tough
Which had me believe
Your my one true love

And at that point in time
I knew it had to be you
And the only thought in my mind
Is if my wish will come true

Cause I want to be the guy
Thats always by your side
To hold your hand when your sad
And to wipe your tears when you cry

And I wanted to tell you sooner
But you know how it is
When your heart's ready to do it
But your stomach's in twists

And although I had a chance
When your heart was soon open
I thought about asking
But the words were not spoken

So now I wait
For my chance once again
But im afraid of the descion
That you only want to be friends

Cause dont you see
I love you so much
He was blessed to have you
Will i have that luck?

Your Personality
Your Charm
Your Bright Golden Heart
Your gods Masterpiece
His Greatest Art

And I know im obsessing
But i cant stop expressing
My mind for you
Is so obsessive

You see i've dedicated my time
To writing you this so song
Just like i'd dedicate my life
To making sure nothing goes wrong

And Your beauty is so powerful
I am unable to resist
Ask all the girls I knew
I never wrote for them like this

See you’re the special one
The one I hold close
Cause you’re the perfect girl
And I love you the most

So now you know how i really feel
Baby i love you
And my love is so real

And with that off my mind
I have one thing to ask
With all the love I have
Do you love me back?

by Chris Oliver

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I think we all had one of those