MM (3/16/60 / Macungie, PA.)

My Dad

Do you remember me
On some silent night
Perhaps when the snow falls
In the middle of June

Where you are now
I just can't tell
Did you get my letter
Did I miss your call

Your birthday passed many times
Since you left
It's now fifteen years

I've seen the sun rise
I've seen the rain dry
By now your hearts healed
While mine has died

For the longest time
I wondered what might have been
Had I been givin' the chance
I've seen the dream
Played out in my mind

I'm wearing black
While you're wearing white
And slowly we get lost
In the basement
drinking our last case

But as with most dreams
they never come true
I know this
For mine was hearing
for once

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Comments (3)

Finely crafted piece, Matt...A tone of absolute sadness in its own decorum of beauty...Mellifluous structure, and darting elocution enables impact & genuinity. Solid work, here... ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''F. j. R.
dear matt, this is the first poem i read of yours and i know you have the taelent to do it.
This was written well; although sad a sadness that you think by now you would have gotten beyond-but you don't. A wish, a hoping, and dreaming not for much, but just once to hear the words 'I Love You.' You wonder if he remembers all that you do-healed perhaps or living in denial, while you're still living in the dark from a past which follows up even in your dreams. A good write, as it flowed, and always I hope that through all this you have become someone that has learned from all you never got. That somehow through all this pain and disappointment and love never known that you have found some peace despite this all. Thank you for best to you.