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My dad was efficient, organized, hard working and compassionate too
He was caring, empathetic and loving in all his ways.
These superb qualities he had, helped me get through the rough days.
He was super, remarkable, marvelous and understanding,
Dad was all of these and yet was not too demanding.
This man was helpful and patient in explaining stuff to us.
Whatever he did, he did it without a fuss.
He made such a difference in my life!
His many small kindnesses have grown into ever widening circles.
He had eyes that laughed oh so clearly.
The warmth in his heart I could feel daily.
I've been through changes both good and bad.
These made me appreciate my wonderful dad.
A man who kept alive laughter, love and hope
These qualities helped me to cope,
This special man did not change the world
He just helped made me to be a darling, and a beautiful girl.
His acts of kindness were like dew drops on an arid day.
He brought bright sunshine into my life.
He was a wonderful husband to his wife.

by Susan Braxton

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This is wonderful, It is nice to see a young person that appreciates their father. You are a wonderful writer, keep it up