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My Dad - During His Last Breath
AA Akash Agrawal (26th March,1992 / Rairangpur)

My Dad - During His Last Breath

I, sleeping on the Bed of Death
Apologise You, The Giver of Breath.

For every wrong deed I've done
For everything, I've mistaken.
I was overconfident of my life
And thought the worse times will pass by.
I had taken my life for granted
And thought my wishes will never be rejected.
I had been irresposible a bit
For which sorry is my each and every heart beat.
I had underestimated Your Powers
For which I' ll be soon lying beneath the flowers.
I thought I was very special
But now I understood evern every hair of mine was at Your disposal.

O Lord! I thank You for such a wonderful birth
In this beautiful world.
I request You, the Creator of Life
To take care of my ever so beautiful wife.
I request You, the Creator of Life
To look after my only child.
My irresponsibilty have stooped my conscience, in shame, so low
That my tears have refused to flow.
Even I can't apologise
Cause I've lost my voice.
And soon my heart will refuse to throb
And my spirit will set off.

I am the reason
For my family in deppression.
I am the cause
For my family's such loss.
If possible after my demise
I'll look after my family to stop their cries.
Now between Death and Me, there is no bar,
And within the very next moment, I'll be somewhere very far.
O D-D-Death...Ah...O Death! Come and hug me,
And from this pain, let me set free.
I bid Good Bye to Everyone,
We'll meet again later in Heaven.

Here, I leave the Bed of Death
And move towards the Taker of Breath.

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beautifully penned down, making it very expressive & touching