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My Dad Just Doesnt Know When To Let Go!
MG Michelle Guza ( / )

My Dad Just Doesnt Know When To Let Go!

you just dont get it,
you think im a little girl that cant take care of myself,
well im not like you and i can fend for myself,
you say that this road is just bad new,
well here is a new flash for you,
if i fall i will get up,
if i brake i will fix it,
if i get lost i will find my way,
i got a mountian of my own,
im faith full right down to the bone!
you got to let me be free,
and let me find the real me,
you have to let me grow apart,
this life of mine i have to start,
this wold of mine i have to let fly,
right on into the big blue sometimes gray sky,
and this i will not lie,
i can take the heat,
i can stand on my own two feet,
i can handle the way im going,
this baot of mine ill keep on rowing,
the more you try to keep me near,
the more ill run out of fear,
the fear that you will never let go! !
you dont have to hold on so tight,
i have to bege scary this flight,
all alone! !

(this is to my dad, he just doesnt know when to let go!)

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