My Dad

Am wondering how to start this poem
Am wondering what you’d think of it
Am wondering at the smile on your face
When you see what’s there in this little poem

You are the master of your household
You strive so hard to keep it one and strong
You show some love when it is earned
And let us know when we get it wrong

You never cease to tease your girls
Especially your love, and wife, my mum
It seems so exciting to have you with us
Oh, dad, am I not blessed with you and mum?

You taught us how to stand upright
Never wavering in all we say and do
Taught us how to defend our right
Always saying, “Keep it straight! ”

I always wished to share you dad
With friends both far and near
That they might know the dad in you
And how lucky I am to have you, dad.

God bless my dad!

Copy right © 2007 Golda Njiribeako

by Golda C NjiribeakoAlexander

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