My Dark Bitter World

The day is so dark, the clouds show no sun,
The weeds are so dead and have not begun,
The air is so cold, it makes me very sad,
The life i live is so different without the things that i had.

But as i start to drift away,
Things are getting to be okay,
The day is turning brighter,
And the weight of the world is beguining to obey.

I enter a world where things are so happy,
Nothing is dark and never ever sappy,
The life i left is so dark and depressing,
Where i am going now the things will be nothing but a blessing,

The sky is blue and the sun is warm,
The grass is green and in a long form,
The breeze is cool and blows right through me,
This is a feeling that makes me feel so pure and so free.

I never want to wake up,
I never want it to end,
But it looks like i have reached the end of the cup,
Now its time for me to acend.

by Justin Palmbach

Comments (2)

Seems like a younger person's view on life. Very articulate tho.& interesting.I enjoyed reading it. =]
great write...2 typos And the weight of the world is beguining (s/b beginnng) to obey. Now its time for me to acend (s/b ascend)