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My Dark Knight – A Warrior's Journey
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

My Dark Knight – A Warrior's Journey

Do you suppose,
That i do not know,
That you are no good for me,
And I no good for you.

Do you think,
That you can hide,
When I watch you, and you I.

I do see the pain,
I do see the fallibility of humanness,
I do not know when my knowing came.

Soft like a ribbon of silk,
My kite flies.
Soaring in the dark,
The dark that is you.

I embrace the not knowing,
I challenge my truth.
I know that my heart will find a place,
Of understanding, of you.

Love' s mystery,
We cannot hide.
The instinct of man to survive,
So through the storm and tears,
I will fly.

Like a hero,
I will take up my arms,
And embrace,
With joy the pain, that resides in you.

Then, like a balm,
I will heal,
A little place in you,
That is me.

(Bolton, UK. Tuesday 26 June 2007)

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