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My Dark Room

My dark room, I'm in a place I should feel safe;
Why do I long to escape from fear I do not understand?
Wanting to be okay, telling myself I can. In my mind, I walk through a meadow of flowers;
Stopping to smell their sweet aroma, hoping it will
Heal this stress, of the death that is bound to rest;
Rest, why should it? I'm not dead, neither are you; But, your presence is gone, so why do we both hurt
And long, long to change the things we made so wrong? Wrong, wrong to others. Leaving us both apart and
Smothered of deep pain, of the loss of our hands that
Do not touch, that reached our hearts and meant so
Much. I'll walk one day in the bright sunlight, alone
I'll be and I'll feel your soul surround me. Then I'll return to my dark room;
Praying God will stop the doom.

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