My Dark World

Poem By Samantha Rogers

In my world I see it different then the rest of you.
I see evil withches casting an evil spell making us work or we will be there for the rest of your lives.
Evil warlocks messing with young maidens hearts so they can have there plesure of seeing us cry our hearts out so they can have their laughs.
Monsters crawling around to tear you down from a good life to make it a horrible day for you and me. Making sure your never happy in life there always under your feet to watch your every second so when you get at least one bit of happiness they can come out of hiding and make it a horrible situation.
Sharks prowling the waters so they can eat and survive this cruel world.
The blinding sun almost always out burning your flesh with its heat rays and trying to kill you every second of the day but we use chemicals to fight back and some of us like me try stay out of the sun and stay in the darkness to hide from its evil doings.
Horror stories telling you when you grow up your life is going to be a fairytale. But the only fairy tale is the evil is now taking over the world having fun torturing, haunting, and destroying peoples lifes. There are no fairy tales in my world to me a fairy tale is a horror movie to you. Horror movies are my fairy tale at least they are the only ones that tell the truth in my world.
In my world nothing makes sence its a dark mysterious place. your goal is to try to make it out of this madness alive. Right now I am trying to figure out which one to avoid. The evil witches telling me how to live my life or the warlocks trying to mess with my heart.

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