I Am, But A Man

Poem By Lee Stewart

The world's much darker in my mind
Everywhere I start to find
Love is gone and hopeless days go by
Every day's darker than the last

Much more lonely than the past
Each new week more of me must die
There are people torn and broken down
Many others stand around

Their hearts ache yet nobody knows why
I see them standing in the rain
Trying to live through their pain
They start to think Heaven is a lie

But in my darker world normal people live
Normal people give and take and live in harmony
In my darker world people can move on
They start to get along and talk and remain peacefully

My darker world is only dark to me
And my darker world is where I like to be
Color fades to black and grey
Every day's a darker day

Perception changed, can't keep my pain inside
People ask me how I've been
I tell the truth now and then
Most of the time my emotions hide

I've been hurt and isolated
Loneliness makes me frustrated
Don't mean to but once again I've lied
I don't let my heart open up

And like a bug trapped in a cup
I suffocate and now my soul has died

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i think this is a awsome song. write more so i can read them love always, HEARTBROKEN

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